Eco-Friendly Leather Pet Leash: Durable & Comfortable
Eco-Friendly Leather Pet Leash: Durable & Comfortable
Eco-Friendly Leather Pet Leash: Durable & Comfortable
Eco-Friendly Leather Pet Leash: Durable & Comfortable
Eco-Friendly Leather Pet Leash: Durable & Comfortable

Eco-Friendly Leather Pet Leash: Durable & Comfortable

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🌿 Eco-Friendly PU Leather: Crafted from environmentally friendly PU leather, combining sustainability with durability.

🔒 Adjustable Locking Handle: Features a convenient locking buckle that adjusts and opens with ease, ensuring your dog's safety and flexibility.

🌳 Outdoor Convenience: Ideal for moments at the park, café, or any outdoor setting where you need to anchor your dog temporarily.

💪 Durable Material: Crafted from strong, long-lasting materials to withstand various weather conditions and dog behaviors.

🔄 Quick Attach-Detach Mechanism: Effortlessly attach or detach from any object, providing a hassle-free experience.

🤲 Soft Grip Handle: Features a soft, comfortable handle for easy handling during walks.

🔩 Reinforced Construction: Meticulously reinforced for added strength and longevity.

🐾 Wear-Resistant: Designed to withstand pulls and wear, making it ideal for everyday use.

🎒 Accessory-Friendly: Includes a handy loop for attaching small items like poop bags or keys.

🔗 Thickened Metal Clasp: Equipped with a robust metal lock that resists breaking and ensures secure attachment.

💪 Strong & Durable: Capable of handling strong pulls without breaking, providing peace of mind during walks.

📏 Size Options: Available in two sizes - 150*1.5cm (59*0.5in) for pets weighing 5-15kg (11-33lbs), and 150*2cm (59*0.7in) for those between 15-25kg (33-55lbs).

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